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As Grant McCracken of Harvard says- all winners lose. The market leader is a dead man walking. Why is that!? It can’t be, will be your visceral response. But McCracken continues- success makes the corporation believe it has got things right. So change feels like self-betrayal. Researchers bring that change into winning corporations, in a way which corporations can embrace, as opposed to pushing it back in order to protect their proud history of winning.

In that way, researchers have become the alter ego to companies navigating through choppy waters of a crazy economic environment within unpredictable political environments. Researchers no longer document the consumer history, like auditors documented the financial history in the past. Researchers now engage in conversations with company navigators. These are credible conversations, where every conviction, every assumption, every ounce of energy enters the fray for formulating the best future.

Do something new every month - If you look ahead, and think nothing will ever change, because you don’t let it, shake things up a little. Let the crazy ideas come out. Scare your partners a little. New is something, you would ordinarily not do. Take it off the backburner, do it now.

Most humans stand in awe of a person, who dares to know themselves. Who dares to challenge the comfortable beliefs they hold of themselves - who leaps into the possibility of achieving that crazy dream.

My wish for you today and every day is, that you dare to find that dream. Take very good care of yourself,


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