Our national fieldwork force enables large-scale quantitative surveys for a number of our clients and TGI South Africa and the expansion of our African footprint gives us solid experience in over a dozen African countries. Fieldwork (data collection) is the cornerstone of reliable research. Thus, obtaining valid, reliable and useful data is a top priority for consideration in any research design in order not to flaw the subsequent information.

As a full-service research house, Ask Afrika employs a range of data collection methods as is demanded by the business requirement. Our capabilities extend the full spectrum of both qualitative and quantitative techniques, including Computer Assisted Telephonic Interviewing (CATI), Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI), Paper Assisted Personal Interviewing (PAPI), Online and Mobile Data Collection, In-depth interviews and Focus Groups to mention some. Our comprehensive team of statisticians and researchers involved in programming, analysis and advanced modeling ensures quality information in the palm of your hands.

Field and Tabulation Services

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Although there is significant interest in new data collection technologies, over 90% of data collection in South Africa is still conducted using traditional face- to-face and telephone interviewing. Ask Afrika is still investing heavily in these methods as they often provide the only means to reach a representative sample of South Africans. Ask Afrika offer a full range of data collection expertise across the continent, Including: Research in Africa, Face-to-Face interviewing, Data Scanning, CATI and Tabulation.

Mystery shopping

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Retail environments are dynamic complex eco systems and are usually higher regulated to produce a standardised consumer experience. The preferred method of measuring the extent of compliance to these self-imposed regulations is through a retail audit or a mystery shopping exercise.