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With regards to service excellence Ask Afrika is the preferred research partner across industries to co-craft customer service strategies through meaningful research methodologies across the value chain and customer service touch points. Our multi-disciplinary approach combines statistical intellect and psychological perceptiveness with business acumen and industry understanding, unveiling the answers to the most challenging business questions. An educated, intelligent and inquisitive staff complement works within this framework, giving our clients the benefit of creatively applied research science, packaged in a simple, actionable format.

Our exclusive product suite includes:

Brand Measurement using the Brand Oracle ™

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Brand equity is one of the most important drivers of sales success. Yet, its intangibility makes it difficult to evaluate, as it exists only in the minds of customers and non-customers. Even more challenging, is the problem of determining how to enhance brand equity relative to competitors.

Customer Experience Measurement and the Ask Afrika Orange Index®

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The progress in our understanding of customer satisfaction has stagnated over the past 10 years with academics focusing on important but practically irrelevant aspects such as the theoretical differences between customer satisfaction and service quality and which of these is an antecedent or consequence of the other. Meanwhile, the field of behavioural economics and the widespread availability of different technologies to collect customer data have propelled the measurement of customer service forward.

Gateway – A window to the soul of the consumer

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Market researchers have defined themselves as being experts in data collection. Data is collected day after day survey after survey but this data is never integrated into a single holistic view of the consumer. This situation has been exacerbated by the massive amount of data generated online. We don’t need more data, we need methods to integrated disparate data sets that produce new insights and enhance our data ROI.

Lite Data collection and New Paradigms

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The environment that the market researchers find themselves in has changed dramatically over the past 5 years. Digitally based data collection methods have fundamentally changed the way in which survey data is collected. We have also seen the rise of behavioural economics which has shown that some of the foundations upon which the classical economic model of consumer behaviour is based are wrong.

Product Research

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Markets constantly change, consumers needs and expectations change and competitors continually introduce new offerings. In order to ensure sustainable revenue streams from a product, it is necessary to constantly make changes to the product itself and its supporting marketing mix elements in order to stay competitive. Ask Afrika offers a range of research solutions ranging from new product and concept testing through to segmentation and pricing.

Understanding audiences

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In this highly fragmented media landscape it is now, more so than ever, important to understand who your audience is. Audiences are now consuming more media than ever before and they are consuming it on new devices and platforms at the same time they consume traditional media. Ask Afrika have a range of products that allow us to fully understand your audience in an evolving and converged media landscape. Our expertise in this area are demonstrated in the execution of the flowing industry leading surveys.

2015/2016 Icon Brands ™ reporting solutions

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Heritage offers no guarantees to brand success as newer, better, faster, more open and responsive brands challenge established players. Icon Brands reporting solutions will reveal what it takes to become and to remain an iconic brand and will explain what it means to ‘innovate to zero’ and why this is important for leading brands. Icon Brands™ have great reputations, instil a sense of pride, and become symbols which contribute to the way users define their status, their personalities, and nationhood. To gain strategic and actionable insights as to how your brand performs across South Africa’s diverse landscape, tap into the expertise of TGI’s reporting solutions