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What is the Ask Afrika Kasi Star Brand Survey?

The Ask Afrika Kasi Star Brand survey focuses on brands and products kasi-consumers use faithfully and regularly. The survey represents the views of 11,258,000 kasi consumers living in South Africa. Kasi Star Brands are brands that are used most loyally by South Africa’s township consumers. These are brands that define a common experience, often on a daily basis to which South Africa’s township consumers are committed to in a real sense.

This year’s survey compares brand usage across 145 categories and as a result, 32 Kasi Star Brands were identified. These are the brands and products you are most likely to find in a South-African Kasi-household. Results are externally audited by independent company i.e. BDO and Dr Neethling.

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Ask Afrika helps brands to understand the Kasi lifestyle and how Kasi consumers purchase brands and products across different product categories. The reports can identify gaps and opportunities in the Kasi market, assist with media consumption trends and understand consumer shopping behaviour. Not only can the research results assist marketers to understand the loyalty drivers pertinent to a specific category enabling them to customise brand messaging accordingly, but it can enhance a brand’s ability to grow in the township market by respecting the differentiating township demographic, shopping, buying, media consumption, digital and mobile trends.

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