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Customer Experience Management Africa Summit 2018

In an increasingly competitive and fast-moving environment, customer service is becoming a business-critical tool to survival. With customer needs changing faster than what business can comprehend, implementing service measurements is not only relevant, but it is a business-enabler. Technology has changed the game, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution is creating an ‘everything on my terms’ consumer and, resultantly, an ever more demanding customer experience (CX) landscape – forcing elevated levels of service.

This is one of many sentiments that will be shared at this year’s Customer Experience Management Summit 2018, where Ask Afrika is not only the official research partner, but will deliver best practice insights into the customer experience (CX) market – driving key insights into the above and much more, underpinned by their research expertise from their Orange Index annual customer service benchmarking survey.

“There is no doubt that the customer landscape in Africa is a moving target – it is constantly shifting driven by new expectations, preferences and engagement models. As a leader in customer service benchmarking and research, we certainly place focus on supporting initiatives that bring African businesses together. We believe that this type of collaboration enables us to jointly drive solid insights that affect positive change in the customer service space. We are therefore extremely proud to be associated with the Customer Experience Management Africa Summit this year and look forward to a successful conference,” says Andrea Gevers, CEO at Ask Afrika.

This year, the company will focus on key issues that need to be addressed in the CX space if businesses hope to get ahead of consumer expectations, including:

Smart data for smarter experiences - Measure what matters

What matters most to SA consumers today? While technology enables companies to provide greater accessibility, faster; companies have not mastered the art of relationships and emotional satisfaction. People in general are becoming more emotionally disconnected and this includes customers as well as the companies that service them. As businesses we need to ask ourselves, what does this mean for customer loyalty, how will you engage with a disconnected, critical client?

The Practical application of key insights from data

Technology is undeniably a powerful tool within the CX practitioners armoury. But the application of the insights it produces is where the real value lies. How are the continents’ top organisations incorporating the insights gained from technology into the operational systems of their organisations? And is this shaping business strategy.

Measure with purpose, learn from best practice

To truly reap the reward of a good customer service strategy, you need to understand which drivers of the service experience impact loyalty the most, what are the best practices for establishing a disciplined system of customer understanding, as well as have insight into how a flexible data management system, providing a single view of customer through advanced customer analytics across touch points and contexts, can positively impact your business. These best practices will be further unpacked as we look at how we can measure CX effectively but, also, how we can use these measures to strategically drive better, more emotionally connected client experiences.

“Our decision to partner with Ask Afrika was an easy one. The Customer Experience Management Africa Summit has grown rapidly alongside the CX profession and we wanted to have a research partner that is actively making an impact on customer experience in Southern Africa. The value of data in customer experience cannot be over-stated. The ability for organisations to apply the insights they glean from data is what ultimately makes an impact on the customer journey in the real world, which is exactly what Ask Afrika bring to the table for this event,” says Juan Mouton, Portfolio Director, Customer Experience Management Africa.

“We look forward to giving businesses key insights into these key questions and more at this year’s premier CX event, driving true understanding of what is shaping the market today and how businesses are really going to attain true customer service excellence, in a market that is rife with expectation,” concludes Gevers.

About Ask Afrika’s Orange Index

Orange Index provides examples of companies delivering consistently great customer experience across 34+ industries. This benchmark of service excellence has been the gold standard for the last 17 years. Let us take a look at what really matters to today’s customer, what do they expect (benchmarks for performance), and what should you measure to enable a holistic understanding with quick action points for success.

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