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South Africa’s customer service levels at an all time high

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Africa’s customer experience leaders gathered in Cape Town last week for the 2 day Customer experience Management Africa Summit. The delegation of over 600 customer experience professionals discussed pressing issues such as generating a return on investment in cx, practical application of data and driving emotion to create exceptional experiences.

South Africa’s customer experience professionals are slowly emerging as some of the best in the world, and the data is there to back this up.

Sarina de Beer, Managing Director of Ask Afrika stated in her keynote “As mentioned right up-front it is a celebration year. Service levels are at its best ever…with satisfaction ratings of 91%, delight ratings of 54% and very low dissatisfaction scores of 5%. This is largely driven by technological advances and progress, with systems, and technological solutions and self help channels and chat bots in place to deliver bigger, better, faster.”

Looking into how these results have been achieved, much of it can be contributed to the work customer experience professionals are doing in designing deliberate customer journeys. Diane Magers, CEO of the world’s largest and foremost association for CX professionals, the CXPA, elaborated; “Designing these deliberate customer experience is like building a bridge. Just like any team sport, it takes coordination and a clear understanding of the goals and it requires collaboration and contribution by all team members to ensure the bridge across the support structures is solid and consistent. Building in silos or vacuums creates an inconsistent experience for our customers. Inconsistent experiences are one of the key factors commonly identified as a key factor of dissatisfaction by many other organizations, particularly B2B, as a key opportunity to improve CX.”

“The results presented by Ask Afrika were for me a great reward and justification for what we do, but great customer experience is a double edged sword. The better you get, the higher the customer expectations and that baseline sets a new bar. You have to keep improving, keep evolving and stay moving when it comes to delivering exceptional customer experience. Finding and nurturing talent in the CX profession will be the next great challenge businesses face within in this industry” Juan Mouton, Portfolio Director for the Customer Experience Management Africa Summit.

Grace Sikapokoo, the Chief Customer Office for AIG, South Africa spoke on this topic in both her keynote and as part of a panel discussion on customer centricity. The AIG CCO shared five steps to remain relevant and continually skilled; understand your organisation, understand you customers, understand customer experience management, understand technology and most importantly understand your purpose.

The future for Customer Experience in South Africa is bright and there is much to be positive about, but the challenge will continue to grow harder and the search for CX talent will be a driving competitive advantage for businesses serious about customer experience through 2018 and beyond.

Issued by: Juan Mouton
Portfolio Director for the Customer Experience Management Africa Summit


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