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TGI South Africa wins prestigious International Jenny Davis Award 2018

Jenny Davis

TGI South Africa, licensed by Ask Afrika – a leading market research company, have been awarded the Jenny Davis Award 2018 at this year’s TGI Global Conference. The Jenny Davis Award is awarded once a year to the TGI Partner in the global network who presents the ‘Best Idea’. It is awarded in honour of Jenny Davis, former Research Director of TGI in the UK who worked for an incredible 48 years on the TGI product.

“We receive a wide variety of nominations each year from the TGI network and grant the award to just one company. Ask Afrika deservedly won the award this year for taking their TGI to the next level by modularising the questionnaire – thereby reducing the respondent burden whilst still retaining the richness of the survey and the integrity of the data,” said Angela Head, International Business Development Head of Kantar Media. The CEO of Kantar Media worldwide, Andy Brown, presented the award to Maria Petousis of Ask Afrika at the annual TGI Conference, which was held in March 2018 in Porto.

“As environments transition, it is important that we evolve our methodology to ensure meaningful, insightful and actionable research – we need to keep our finger on the pulse and regularly adapt to dynamic market conditions. It is a significant confidence booster to receive affirmation that our efforts have demonstrated methodological advancement, enabling us to excel against the TGI global markets,” says Andrea Gevers, CEO and founder of Ask Afrika.

This award certainly stands testament to Ask Afrika’s ability to continuously push the boundaries of traditional research. Ask Afrika’s TGI is South Africa’s broadest consumer profiling tool. It provides companies with the most current consumer data in circulation, to enable them to implement effective brand planning and marketing strategies.

“Essentially, the enhancements made to the data collection methodology, give us the ability to continue providing a breadth of insight, a guarantee of improved data quality and a study that continues to allow space for new questions to be posed to respondents – this flexibility is key to delivering sound results in dynamic market conditions,” continues Gevers.

“We are very proud of this prestigious award and believe that we have what it takes to continue delivering ethical, quality data to inform brands’ strategic decision making and approach to market,” concludes Gevers.

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