The 2023 Ask Afrika Orange Index® results

Established in 2001
as an independent benchmark

We are known and respected for our data integrity and often
the preferred data collection partner, even for our competitors

Average is an attitude

2023 Ask Afrika Orange Index® results

Ask Afrika Orange Index® 2023 survey reveals that CX
is becoming crucial for business success

There is nothing average about our methodology

A long credible history
Layered and trended data lake

The Ask Afrika Orange Index® was founded in 2001.
It was established to gain a deep understanding into South Africans' service-experience expectations.

226 Brands

32 Industries

154 Variables

21 Channels

31 Core Metrics

Methodologies in action

Triangulated rigour

Data Collection Period

48 000+ interviews, collected from 6 June to 4 August 2023

Overall winner
for customer experience 2023

Why Winners win

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Top 10 2023 Ask Afrika Orange Index® overall winners

1. RMB

2. Investec

3. Discovery Private Banking

4. Zando

5. Standard Bank

6. GetSavvi Health

7. Discovery Bank

8. NetCare

9. African Bank

10. Cashbuild

Ask Afrika Orange Index® industry winners

Butcheries industry
spar logo
Mobile operators' industry
vodacom logo
Furniture shops industry
Internet on the go industry
Home internet industry
Vehicle consumables industry
Jewellery & watch industry
Short term insurance industry
liberty logo
Medical aid industry
Long term insurance: Life industry
Car tracker industry
Shoe industry
Long term insurance:
Funeral industry
Food retail industry
woolworths logo
Fast food/take aways industry
nandos logo
Sport retail industry
Automotive industry
bmw logo
Liquor stores industry
Clothing stores industry
Franchise restaurants industry
Mass retail industry
Pharmacies industry
Home & decor industry
woolworths logo
Funeral/burial industry
Online shopping industry
Petrol stations:
Convenience store industry
engen logo
Medical insurance industry
Banking industry
Building retail industry
Petrol station industry:
Forecourt industry
sasol logo
Private banking industry

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Maria Petousis
Commercial Executive: TGI & Benchmarks

Vikash Bava
Key Accounts Manager: TGI & Benchmarks
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